Scott graduated from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida with a double degree in Education and Theology. As a Coach, Speaker, and Trainer his desire is to equip and encourage individuals nationwide in their PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL development through an inspired and creative Coaching Business. He is absolutely in the moment, enjoying the ability to connect with individuals taking them on a journey of self-discovery.

AS A LIFE COACH, Scott offers an objective, nonjudgmental, supportive approach that provides options, new perspectives and encouragement to others within their business and/or personal life. Overcoming the way one processes thought is difficult, perhaps the hardest thing you will ever fight against. But, you can win this fight by following simple strategies shared in our one on one coaching sessions.

AS A BUSINESS COACH/TRAINER, Scott will never pretend to be an expert in your field. What he does is more effective. He helps one to clarify their desired outcomes, and get over the hurdles that are keeping them from having the life they desire. And then, He helps one overcome those barriers to reach their goals both professionally and personally. He is a Licensed Personal Development/Mindset Coach. Therefore; he does NOT focus on symptoms; instead the focus is on the real issues, problems and obstacles - improving the mindset of the individuals involved.

AS A MINISTRY COACH, the focus would be completely on your needs. Those in ministry walk alongside many others helping them, but who is walking with those IN ministry during THEIR difficult times? Clarity rarely comes alone. Being on a church staff for 30 + years, Scott has learned how God leverages suffering and adversity, to build leaders into who they need to be, to fulfill their destiny. The circumstances you may be facing are not random pain or a purposeless season to be endured. They are the vehicle in which God is using to bring you into the glory that you were created to walk in.

AS A SPEAKER, Scott enjoys imparting lessons from an extraordinary life experience. HIs desire is that the audience would hear a message that will take them on a journey of self discovery, and change their life forever. From overcoming adversity and breaking down barriers to finding their power of potential and passion, it is Scott's desire to inspire individuals and give them an understanding that they really CAN do ALL things.

AS A PRAISE AND WORSHIP TRAINER, Scott will always embrace Biblical truths and share concepts that work both IN the church, and out. In John 4:23 it states, “But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the TRUE worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him.” The fact that He said “true worshippers” implies there CAN be “false worshippers.” If for any reason Scott is not able to be on location for a service, He is more than willing to either take your word as to where you think the team is, or welcome a recorded service for a professional opinion to be shared.

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